Awakening your Light Body

Are you ready to take a quantum leap in your personal growth process? Do you feel drawn to energy work and meditation? And are you looking for a more intensive and profound course? Then the Awakening your Light Body course is your thing!

The Awakening your Light Body course is a life changing meditation course. The course is developed for openminded, independent and motivated people who want to learn more about energy work, meditation and personal growth.

Thousands of people all over the world have transformed their lives with this course. Join them by taking this online course! 

What will you learn?

The Awakening your Light Body course teaches you how to utilise the subtle energies that are flow in and around you. You will learn how to activate and work with 10 new energy centers that are located inside yourself. By working with these energy centers, you will learn how to strengthen and transform your life energy and how to handle and work with the energies in your environment. You will work with meditation techniques that make you mentally and emotionally stronger and more resilient. You will learn how to expand your consciousness and you will increase your sensitivity. This gives you access to dimensions and worlds that remain hidden for most people. You will also develop your healing and channeling skills. For more information about the content of the course see the section about the modules of the course.


The Awakening your Light body course deeply affects they way you live and experience your life. The advantages that I experienced myself during and after the awakening of my light body are for example:


More trust in yourself and in life


Improved problem solving and decision making


Receiving sparkling ideas


Manifesting more easily


Experience more magic, beauty and fun


Becoming a better channel, healer and reader


Healthier and happier relationships


Taking on a healthier lifestyle more easily



The course consists out of six modules. Here you can learn more about the content and effects of each module.

In module 1 you activate the first three vibrational energy centers.  These centers give you more control over the energy that enters your system. the amount of incoming energy you absorb out of your environment into your system. You learn how to dose, modify and intensify this energy. You will create a powerful and supportive flow of life energy. Next to this you will learn self healing techniques and techniques for transforming restricting emotional and personality patterns. This will lead you to experience more joy.

In this module you will work with the fourth vibrating energy center: your heart center. By working with this energy center, you will develop more compassion and forgiveness. You will learn how to disconnect from limiting energies in your environment and how to stay neutral when you are dealing with negative or emotional people. This module also teaches you more about self-healing and assisting others through energy work without draining yourself.

The three higher vibrational energy bodies that will be introduced to you in this module help you to develop more awareness around your thoughts. You will learn how to focus your thoughts and energy and how to improve the quality of your thoughts. You will also discover how to experience more silence and emptiness, which opens you up for insights, ideas and creativity. You will gain more insight in your life purpose and you will experience more openness and harmony in your life.

This module teaches you how to combine the vibrational energy centers in order to achieve various states of consciousness.  You learn how to ease your thoughts, how to experience silence, compassion and your core energy, how to energize yourself and how to expand your consciousness. You wil energetically work on issues that you experience in relation to others. You will create a relationship with your higher self and/or your spirit guide. This gives you greater awareness about the changes you can make to improve your quality of life.

In this module you will activate the first two Light Body centers. This gives you access to even higher and more expanded states of consciousness. You will experience more options in your life and will be able to make decisions easier. You learn how to deepen and transform your relationships with others by making contact on soul-level. You learn more about how to support others with energy work. You will notice that you are becoming a source of inspiration for others. Others will be drawn to you without you having to work for it.

This last module teaches you how to activate and work with the last Light Body center. This Light Body center opens you to experiences of incredible bliss and beauty. You will experience more lust for life and you will become a greater source of inspiration to others. You will be able to view your life from a higher perspective. Your inner knowing will increase. You will feel encouraged to make changes in your life that will create more peace and harmony. You will know what steps you should take in your life and it will become easier to take those steps.

The course setup

Study within the comfort of your own home while receiving online guidance. The Awakening your Light Body course consists out of the following elements:


Guided meditations For every module of the course, you will receive 12 guided meditations (14 for module 6). You can download these mp3 files on your computer, tablet and/or smartphone. The meditations are created by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer and are 20 to 30 minutes in length each.


Weekly training videos Every week, you will receive a link to an online training video. In these videos I discuss the meditations and the energy centers that you worked with in the meditations. You will also learn how to apply the Light Body skills in your daily life and how to deal with the change processes that you go through while awakening your Light Body. The videos are 8 to 15 minutes in length.

Energy transmissions During the course you will frequently receive energy transmissions. This means that I will keep you in my awareness when I am working with the energy centers. This makes it easier for you to create a clear experience of the energy centers.


Coursebooks Every module comes with a digital (PDF) coursebook which contains information about the meditations. The coursebooks also function as a diary in which you can write down your meditation experiences and keep track of your growth.


Coaching As you approach the end of each module, we will discuss your experiences, progress and questions during a one-on-one coaching session (max one hour per module). During this session you will receive personalised tips and tricks to integrate the Light Body skills in your daily life. The coaching can be done via Skype, FaceTime or live in my practice in The Hague, Netherlands.


When you sign up for the online Light Body course, you will receive my Kickstart your Course video for free. This video teaches you how to optimally


Duration of the course: 9 months (37 weeks)

Weekly time investment: minimum of 3 hours


Do you feel drawn to the Awakening your Light Body course? Then order the two free sample meditations. You can also request a free 15 minute Skype of FaceTime call.


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