Back into Balance in 5 weeks

Are you craving for a breakthrough? Do you feel something has to change in your life, but are you not sure what? Or maybe you don’t know where to start? Then the Back into Balance program can help you out.

In this transforming 5 week program you will receive weekly polarity therapy sessions. The program helps you to rapidly release blockages in your body, mind and emotions. The flow of life force energy improves and you will experience more relaxation, balance and inner guidance.

The program

Five polarity therapy sessions

In the 5 week Back into Balance program you will receive weekly polarity therapy sessions. Every week we will improve the flow of a specific type of energy.


Mini tarot card readings

Every week I will pull a tarot card for you. Tarot is a great instrument to create more insight and consciousness in and around challenges and questions. During our weekly meeting we will discuss how you can interpret your tarot card of the week and how you can translate its message to your situation.


Physical exercises 

Every week I will teach you a simple physical exercise that you can practice at home. These polarity yoga exercises stimulate the flow of life force energy through your body.

The energies and themes for each week

  • Letting go of fear and rigidity
  • Stimulating feelings of safety and courage
  • Physical points of attention: knees, bowels, lower back, eating pattern
  • Letting go of denial and obsessions
  • Stimulating spontaneity, creativity and personal boundaries
  • Physical points of attention: menstruation, sexuality, fertility, eating disorders
  • Letting go of anger, manipulation, self-doubt
  • Stimulating forgiveness, self-esteem, confidence and enthusiasm
  • Physical points of attention: digestion, headaches, insomnia
  • Letting go of blame, hate, depression and loneliness
  • Stimulating love, forgiveness, compassion and understanding
  • Physical points of attention: heart, lungs, blood pressure, immune disorders
  • Letting go of scatteredness, crampedness, emotional overwhelm or lack of emotions
  • Stimulating tranquillity and peace
  • Physical points of attention: throat, mouth, thyroid, balance, hearing


Effects of the Back into Balance program that are mentioned often are:


Feeling lighter


More hapiness


Improved intuition


More insight in what you want/desire


More self-confidence


Improved decision making skills



*Price includes taxes

*Payment can be done in cash or with card at the start of the first session

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