My name is Esther Berlie and I have a passion for guiding ambitious, adventurous and open-minded people. Through bodywork, energy work and light work I help you to (re)connect to yourself and to release inner blockages. I also teach you how to experience more joy, relaxation and inner guidance in your life.

I graduated in Health Sciences and I worked as a consultant and researcher in the corporate world for seven years. In 2014 I clearly felt that it was time for a change. I started to intensively research the world of personal development, energy work and consciousness. In 2016 I quit my job and started my own practice in meditation and later polarity therapy.

In the course of the years I have taken many courses and workshop and I have never stopped learning. My main focus has been on polarity therapy and (Light Body) meditation. Next to this I also took courses in de-armouring, healing tao, reading en systemic work.




2017 – Polarity Therapy teacher training, Chris McGrath, Australia

2017 – Polarity Therapy Advanced training, Chris McGrath, Australia

2017 – Polarity Therapy 2 training, Chris McGrath, Australia

2016 – Polarity Therapy 1 training, Chris McGrath, Australia

2018 – Luminous body – Sirion

2016 – Joy: Expressing Beauty and Perfection of Being, LuminEssence

2016 – Higher Will: Manifesting with Ease, LuminEssence

2016 – Peace, Living your Life Purpose, LuminEssence

2016 – Radiance: Transmitting Light, Sirion

2015 – Radiance: Self-Exiting, Building your Light Body, Sirion

2015 – Awakening your Light Body, Sirion

2018 – Full Body De-armouring, the Gaia method DEBST – Susanne Roursgaard

2018 – Training constellations female organs – Marijke Brouwers, Intoflow

2018 – Being at home in the feminine (Taoist/CTM women’s group) – Brechtje Schoofs

2018 – The psoas & ancestors, Brechtje Schoofs and Connie van der Arend

2017 – 2018 Applied Anatomy & Physiology of Yoga, Yogasynergy

2017 – Tibetian Lightwork 1-4, Crystal Visions

2016 – 2018 Iyengar yoga classes, Central Yoga School Sydney

2016 – Angel Therapy Practitioner Course, Doreen Virtue

2016 – Maya self-care course, Arvigo Therapy via Andrea Lopez

2016 – Yoga of the Dakini course, Shantell Shakti

2015 – Living your essence, Sirion

2015 – Workshop family constellations, De Stromen

2015 – Reiki 1, Bezielen Academy

2014 – 2016 Hatha yoga & meditation classes, Villa Yoga Rotterdam

2006 – 2008 MSc Health Policy, Economics & Management, University of Maastricht

2003 – 2006 BSc Health Sciences, University of Maastricht

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